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Once upon a time, a couple was gifted with a beautiful child

Just like how a seed blossoms into a sturdy tree, they wanted their child to grow into a brave person with good character.

They wanted to find a safe environment where their child could flourish

And so they searched far and wide for a magical haven full of wonder where their child could safely run and jump and play with joy and freedom.

Step into our classrooms and explore our facilities! Simply click on each image and move with the point on the image.

Please note that the design of our preschools are unique to individual centres while the features available are similar.

The couple hoped to entrust their child with skills and knowledge that would prepare him for the future

As well as to take his first confident steps along the road to life’s great adventure. Thus, they had to provide his learning with a proper foundation, like fertile soil where seeds can grow.

Episode 1

Can your child learn in a classroom without walls?

Episode 2

How can your child solve real world problems with her inventions?

Episode 3

How can your child bond with grandparents?

Episode 4

Who can help take care of my baby when I am working?

Episode 1

Ways you can improve executive functioning skills in your child.

Episode 2

Ways you can create a bilingual environment at home for your child.

Episode 3

Ways you can design meaningful play at home with your child.

Episode 4

Ways you can promote infant cognitive & physical development.

They had to find guardians and protectors to love and care for their children

Because the couple realised that they alone, would not be enough. And since every child is like a seed that needs daily love and care, they knew they must find dedicated and nurturing guardians.

Teacher Noor Aishah D/O Nizamuddin

Teacher Noor Aishah D/O Nizamuddin

Teacher Aishah is married with 2 children. She has been teaching for 11 years at PCF Sparkletots @ Pasir Ris Blk 412.

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Mrs Povanasvari D/O Meande

Mrs Povanasvari D/O Meande

Mrs. Povanasvari has been a Centre Principal at PCF Sparkletots @ Keat Hong Blk 435 for 9 years.

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Teacher Jiang Jilan

Teacher Jiang Jilan

Teacher Jiang is 50 years old, married, and has been teaching for 14 years at PCF Sparkletots @ Queenstown Blk 365.

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As the couple carried on in their journey, they met with Doubt and Worry but knights came to their rescue

The brave knights defeated Doubt and Worry, and answered all their questions so the couple could find their way back on the right path again.

Live Chat

If you've missed the live chat session on 12 June 2021, you may catch up on the Q&A session here to learn more about what PCF Sparkletots has to offer, for your little one.

Date: June 12th 2021

PCF Parental Conference 2021

Join us for our 1-day conference and pick up simple and helpful strategies to create an environment where every child can effectively learn about relationship building and creating positive connections.

Date: 26th November 2021

bird left bird right

With their questions answered and worries lifted, the couple finally found the right preschool for their child

Knowing their child is safe in the hands of the Sparkletots educarers while they work, the couple and their child lived happily ever after.

PCF Sparkletots is the largest preschool operator in Singapore with many award-winning teachers. You can find a school within walking distance wheresoever you live, and should you decide to move, your child can be transferred to another centre closest to your new residence, subject to centre vacancy. Almost 90% of all eligible PCF Sparkletots preschools are SPARK certified. Your child will be taught by dedicated and qualified teachers, who will keep your child safe and put your mind at rest when you leave for work.
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Still have questions? Here are some FAQs

The level that your child will be enrolled in is based on your child’s age in the year of enrolment:

  • 2 months old to below 18 months old – Infant Care
  • 18 months old to below 3 years old – Playgroup
  • 3 years old – Pre-Nursery (N1)
  • 4 years old – Nursery (N2)
  • 5 years old – Kindergarten 1 (K1)
  • 6 years old – Kindergarten 2 (K2)

Children born on 1 January will join the cohort from the previous year.

For example, all children born between 2 January 2017 to 1 January 2018, will be enrolled in Kindergarten 1 instead of Nursery 2 in the Academic Year 2022. This is aligned with MOE’s age requirement for Primary One Registration.

The teacher-child ratio is based on the age group of the children and adheres to the minimum requirement stipulated by ECDA.



Teacher: Child ratio

Kindergarten 2 (K2)


Kindergarten 1 (K1)


Nursery (N2)


Pre-Nursery (N1)


Playgroup (PG)


Infant (IF)



After you have registered your interest on our website, we will contact you once there is a vacancy for your child. Vacancies vary across centres and are dependent on the wait list at individual centres.

The fee is dependent on the type of service your child is enrolled in, and the citizenship of your child. The following is a guide for your reference:


Monthly Fees before subsidies (with GST):


Singapore Citizens
(before subsidy)

Permanent Residents



Full Day




Infant Care

Full Day





Short Hours





The fees listed above are before deduction of subsidies for children who are Singapore Citizens.

Please contact our centres for more information.

If your child is a Singapore Citizen, he/she may qualify for the following, based on your selected service:

Full Day Infant Care

Working mothers who clock at least 56 hours of work a month will be eligible for a basic subsidy of $600 per month. In addition, if your family’s gross monthly household income is less than $12,000 (before CPF deductions), an additional subsidy of up to $710 may be granted.

Full Day Childcare

Working mothers who clock at least 56 hours a month will be eligible for a basic subsidy of $300 per month. In addition, if your family’s gross monthly household income is less than $12,000 (before CPF deductions), an additional subsidy of up to $467 may be granted.

Short Hours Kindergarten

The working mother subsidy is not applicable for this service, but you may apply for the Kindergarten Fee Assistance Scheme (KiFAS) if your family’s gross monthly household income is below $12,000 (before CPF deductions).

As the application for the additional subsidy or KiFAS are subject to ECDA’s assessment and approval, we are unable to advise on the amount of subsidy that will be granted for your child. 

More information is available at

We provide a variety of balanced and nutritious meals based on guidelines from the Health Promotion Board (HPB). Many of our preschools have been awarded the Healthy Pre-Schools (HPS) Accreditation by HPB. Our school kitchens are not halal certified, but we offer no pork, no lard menu across all centres. We also procure our food ingredients from halal-certified sources.

If your child has a food allergy, please inform the centre upon registration and provide a medical note certified by a registered medical practitioner with the details of your child’s allergy. Our staff will discuss and advise you on how we can support your child in his/her dietary needs.

Interest for our infant care service can be submitted 3 months in advance of your Estimated Due Date (EDD)  via our interest form.

Please contact the centre you have selected within a month after your child is born to update us with your child’s particulars such as the birth certificate number, date of birth and citizenship details to remain on the waitlist.

We offer a varied combination of mother tongue languages across our centres. You can search for your preferred centre here and speak to the Centre Admin/Centre Principal of your preferred centre/s regarding the mother tongue languages offered there.

We recognise the importance for children to learn how to spell. However, we do not use spelling lists and tests which teach children through rote memorisation. Instead, we implement fun and engaging learning activities such as spelling games and movement activities. This is a more effective teaching approach for our children to use letter sounds to form words and at the same time, have an enjoyable learning experience.

Yes. Your child can be enrolled if the selected centre has a suitable vacancy for your child.

If your child does not hold a valid Dependant Pass for residing in Singapore, our colleagues from the centres will apply for a Student’s Pass for your child upon your acceptance of the offered vacancy.

Your child can only start his/her preschool education journey with us upon approval of the Student’s Pass application.

More information about Student’s Pass application can be found at

We have children with developmental needs in most of our schools. This can range from mild to higher level needs. If your child is diagnosed with developmental or learning needs, it is important that your child receives early intervention. It is important that we work together to determine the best care and support needed for your child. Please inform us, at the point of registration, if your child has been diagnosed, is waiting for diagnosis of a disability/learning delay or has any other medical/special education needs.

Once your child is receiving early intervention, Our teachers can work with you or EIPIC to support your child in participating better in the centre.

 We take our responsibility to keep your child safe in school very seriously. Our educators are guided by a code of conduct, a set of comprehensive SOPs and professional practices which are PCF Sparkletots Children First Principles. Every staff who joins Sparkletots has to attend a compulsory 7-module SSWB (Safety, Security and Well-being) training and assessment programme. They are required to attend regular refresher briefings/discussions pertaining to children’s safety to ensure that this always remain our priority too.

Our centres keep parents updated on what’s going on in school via regular updates using our Parent Engagement Portal (PEP). It’s an online app where teachers can upload photos and videos documenting the children’s learning moments in class. Parents can also communicate directly with our teachers through the 2-way messaging function.

At PCF Sparkletots, enrichment programmes are done very differently. We layer it on top of our existing curriculum to make them available to all children enrolled in our centres. We also work with community partners like SportSG and the National Arts Council to offer physical development and art education programmes for our children.

We would like to assure parents that the health and well-being of your children are of paramount importance to us.

Our centres have been in strict compliance with the COVID-19 precautionary measures outlined by the Early Childhood Development Agency. This includes alignment with ECDA’s COVID-Safe ABCs. All PCF Sparkletots preschools have also implemented stringent safe management measures under our PCF Sparkletots Preschool Safety Plan.

Teachers and staff at the centre continue to do a thorough cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, toys, sleeping cots and shared learning resources on a regular basis. UV sterilisers have been deployed to all centres for this purpose.

When children misbehave or display challenging behaviour then our teachers will use positive and age appropriate ways to manage the situation. Eg. giving your child the space and time to calm down before speaking to your child. Our teachers will seek to understand what triggers such negative behaviour so as to address possible root causes. For older kids, we may also employ a problem-solving approach that involves getting your child’s input.

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